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Buy Heisenberg T-Shirts Here! Select from over 6,700 Breaking Bad T Shirts! The TV show Breaking Bad is a hit American dramatic crime thriller which has been broadcasted on AMC channel. This TV show broke all success records with the very first show and gathered a lot of viewership. The critics praised this TV show in their reviews and revenue wise also this show has succeeded. With four hit seasons and a fifth season in tow which is going to be released in a few weeks, its fans are set to revive their rebellious side with the antagonist of the show Walter White.

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The show shows the transition of a simple human being into a murderous criminal due to the burden of necessities which keeps the Heisenberg’s character worth sympathizing. The show is such a hit that New York’s Museum of Moving Image is going to keep the Walter White’s costume as the memorabilia of this show. Anything related to Walter White and Breaking Bad immediately catches people’s attention.

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heisenberg tshirt

Know Your Iconic Heisenberg
You may remember the antagonist of Breaking Bad as Walter White or Heisenberg depending upon which side of him excites your emotions the most. The story of Breaking Bad revolves around Walter White who teaches chemistry in high school and is a master in chemistry. He has a beautiful pregnant wife and a cancer stricken son who is getting treated. But the smooth life of this chemistry teacher turns into a roller coaster ride when he is diagnosed with life threatening cancer. Walter White then steps into the world of crime and drugs.

He wrongly uses his knowledge of Chemistry and start producing banned drug known as `Meth’. He turns into a hardcore criminal and commits some murders too with his partner Pinkman. His family life falls apart while he tries to earn huge black money from his illegal activities. The show is full of twists and turns and is a fast paced show. Heisenberg’s character drives his fans crazy and that’s why now Heisenberg themed tee shirts have come in the market and are selling like a hot cake.

Bring Out the Rebel with Heisenberg T-shirts
The craze for Heisenberg not only in America but all over the globe is evident. Heisenberg tee shirts pay ode to the immensely successful character of Walter White as a criminal. These Heisenberg tee shirts and hoodies have been tremendously appreciated by his fans worldwide and are online. These tee shirts help you to get into Heisenberg’s mood and bring out the rebel inside you. Everyone has a dark side which yearns to come out for some time. These Heisenberg tee shirts are apt for people to engage in their lesser known side.

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breaking bad tshirt

The Heisenberg costume is very famous and is bought by many people. But if you add these Heisenberg tee shirts to the costume, then your representation of your favorite Heisenberg will stand out completely in any informal gathering. You can give out a bold proclamation in the crowd that you are a diehard Heisenberg fan when you wear these tee shirts. These tee shirts look very trendy too. Girls and boys both can indulge into their nasty side playfully with these tee shirts. These t-shirts can be worn with or without any another Heisenberg accessory and can be paired with different color of jeans.

Comfortable to Wear Tees and Hoodies
Style and fashion should never come at the cost of comfort, right? The Heisenberg’s tee shirts are manufactured and designed by taking comfort factor in mind. That is why these tee shirts are easily manageable and can be worn regularly. The fabric of this tee shirt consists of smooth and pure cotton fabric fully. The cotton fabric is skin friendly and helps your keep cool in the summers. In winters too these t-shirts can be teamed with jackets for super cool look. With so many choices in these affordable tee shirts you can don a new look every day. These t-shirts are printed on a sweatshop free apparel material.

Types of Heisenberg Garments
No matter whether you are a youngster or buying tshirts for your grandparents, these Heisenberg tee shirts are suitable for all people of all age groups. Maybe that’s why you could buy them in bulk and give them as return gifts to your guests after a party. These garments can be worn in the form of plain monochrome tee shirts or as hoodies. Different fits for girls and boys are available for these t shirts to suit their body shapes. These tee shirts are available in all sizes ranging from small to XXL.

The wide variety of colors for these t-shirts like red, green, pink, blue, grey, white, brown, cream, orange, purple etc. make these Heisenberg apparel even more interesting. You could choose from organic tee shirts, v neck styles, 3/4th and full sleeved tee shirts too. The hoodies type apparel is available as zipper as well as pullover. These tee shirts can be worn on all types of outings, college, parties, Halloweens and even in the offices too. The best thing about these tee shirts is that they make bold statement but in a subtle and soft way.

T-Shirt Prints Will Surely Generate Grins
The prints on these Heisenberg t-shirts are also available in wide range to suit every mood. Everyone has some favorite Breaking Bad episode out of the five seasons right? So you could even choose prints that are according to the theme of your favorite season or episode. The prints are often updated and the tee shirt collection is often renewed according to the latest Heisenberg themes. You could get cartoon prints for cute look. If you want some solid and bold print then you could opt for photography and digital art prints.

Prints that look like paintings are also available. The prints have statements like `The Danger’, `Sons of Chemistry’, ` Heisenberg’s meth’, `Breaking Dead’, `the one who knows meth’, `Cool Chemist’ and so on. The themes of the prints too range from dangerous to hilarious. The t-shirts are so affordable and cost you less than $30. You can hoard as many as you like and use them on various occasions. The quality of these t-shirts is guaranteed.

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