Breaking Bad Merchandise – Buy a Walter White Heisenberg Costume Here

`Breaking Bad’ is the best crime thriller TV show in the US that has been made till date. Its popularity has crossed regional boundaries and people from various continents are a huge fan of this hit series. Breaking Bad video games, CDs, toys and tee shirts etc are extremely popular among the fans. You look really cool when you possess the Breaking Bad themed collection. Girls and boys all are going crazy to imitate their favorite TV character `Walter White’ aka `Heisenberg’.

Heisenberg Halloween Costumes

The Heisenberg “Dealer Costume”

heisenberg costume

1) Awesome Dark Sunglasses – A Must Buy – $6.09
Heisenberg Glasses
2) Heisenberg’s Cool Windbreaker – $49.98
Heisenberg jacket
3) Heisenberg’s Shirt – Maroon $28.22 – $35.75
Heisenberg maroon shirt
4) The Heisenberg Pork Pie Hat – $100.00
Bollman Collection 1940's Pork Pie Hat
5 Henschel Felt Porkpie Hat – $39.95
heisenberg hat
6) The Heisenberg Goatee – $4.25
heisenberg goatee
7) The Heisenberg Bald Cap – $32.37
heisenberg bald cap
8) Black Baretta 9 mm Semi Automatic Toy Pistol Gun – $6.99
Toy Gun

The Heisenberg “Cook Costume”

heisenberg cook costume
Breaking Bad Halloween Costume with Half Mask and Gloves – $38.95
Breaking Bad Halloween Costume
Build Your Own Costume
3M Full Facepiece Respirator (Used in the Series) – Gas Mask – $185.00
breaking bad gas mask
Twin Cartridge Respirator with Safety Goggles – $6.25
Heisenberg mask
Dupont Tychem Hazmat Suit – $12.20
Heisenberg hazmat suit
Blue Raspberry Rock Candy (Meth) – $13.99
PVC Coated Gloves – $7.69
Karter Scientific Glass Erlenmeyer Flask 5 Piece Set – $16.99
Glass Beakers, 100ml Pack of 12 – $21.50

Walter White Halloween Costume

Watch Bryan Cranston’s Transformation Into Walter White

Get the same Walter White wardrobe for Halloween!
Walter White’s Long Sleeve Oxford Dress Shirt – Light Green – $49.88
Heisenberg green shirt
Walter White’s Dockers Men’s Comfort Waist Khaki – $16.38 – $31.20
Heisenberg pants
Walter White’s Wallabee Boot (Sand or Taupe Suede) – $70.00 – $173.00
Heisenberg shoes
Walter White’s Rimmed Glasses – $38.00
Heisenberg rim glasses


walter white new hampshire look
Walter White Granite State Eye Glasses Black – $2.87
Walter White Granite glasses
Walter White M-65 Jacket (Olive Drab) – $60.40 – $104.49
Walter White Army Jacket
Walter White Henley T-shirts with Short Sleeve – $9.99 – $23.99
Walter White Granite Shirt
Walter White Fake Beard and Mustache – Brown – $14.99
Walter White Beard
The accessories and costume of Walter White instantly glorify any person who sports them. When the accessories are used collectively then they give you the powerful don type look with mystique and mystery as the attributes. But you can also buy your favorite pieces from the range of Walter White’s accessories too. These accessories can be creatively used to sparkle up the look of any dress and help you to bring out your dark side for some time for enjoyment. This costume is a prized possession for any person of any age.

The Costume Can be a Savior at Parties
Suppose you have got an invitation for a themed party or a casual birthday party of someone and you don’t know what to wear. Then these Walter White accessories can help you to create a fashionable look in very affordable cost. You could wear the Walter white glasses with a pair of jeans and Heisenberg tee shirt to pull off a chic look. In fact you could organize parties at your own place with Walter White theme where people can come dressed up in their own versions of Heisenberg from various episodes. Your party is surely going to rock.

That Goatee on your Face Will Make Girls Swoon
The Walter White’s goatee gives you a rough and tough look when teamed with dark sunglasses. This strong style statement will give you a rockstar type and look. You will get a lot of attention from the girls with this bad boy image. The shape of Walter White’s goatee is such that it suits young as well as old people with equal reflection of grace. Whether you have a round face or an oval face, this goatee will perfectly sit on your chin to give you that hot look. You can buy stick on Walter White goatee online which can be used multiple times and don’t irritate facial skin.

Glasses Are a Must in the Look
The dark glasses that Walter White wears in Breaking Bad are extremely popular. You can buy the exact colored and shaped sunglasses easily online. These sunglasses are available in various sizes for kids as well as adults. These exact imitations of Walter White’s glasses give you such a cool and trendy look. These glasses can make even a plain jeans and tee shirt look extremely stylish. These dark glasses can be teamed up with any outfit to create a cool and sporty look. The porkpie hat and windbreaker jacket perfectly compliment these glasses.

Cool Walter White’s Jacket Accentuates Appearance
Heisenberg wears a dashing windbreaker jacket in the TV show Breaking Bad. This jacket is made up of faux leather. It’s an extremely stylish jacket which goes well with cold climate and can be bought online affordably. The replica of Heisenberg’s windbreaker jacket can be worn with a cool Heisenberg tee shirt to complete the look. The jacket gives a Casanova type cool image and can be worn by girls as well as boys. Windbreaker jackets for girls are available in special fit too. The quality and durability of the jacket is excellent.

Walter White’s accessories can be mixed and matched to create different styles every day. These accessories are can be bought with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee online.

What Makes Walter White’s Character so Dark?
The popularity of Walter White is attributed to the darkness in his character who turns a drug manufacturer and seller from a docile and noble chemistry teacher in high school. The transition from Walter White to the dreadful Heisenberg was possible because of the specially designed costume of Heisenberg teamed up with great acting skills of Bryan Cranston. The costume consists of accessories like dark glasses, pork pie hat, goatee, windbreaker jacket etc. All these accessories complement the dark, dangerous and rebellious side of Heisenberg.