Walter White Heisenberg Hat

Get your very own Heisenberg Pork Pie Hat worn by Walter White in AMC’s hit series “Breaking Bad” The pork pie hat was first included into the limited edition Bollman Collection in the 1940’s and since then this pork pie hat has been very popular among people. The pork pie hat design is very special and it instantly gives a daring attitude to the wearer. The strange mysterious appeal that surrounds the wearer of this pork pie hat instantly attracts other people. That’s how this Bollman Collection 1940’s pork pie hat makes you look different even in the crowd of thousands of people. The pork pie hat which was already a fashionable accessory suddenly broke all records of popularity and sales with the launch of the hit TV show `Breaking Bad’ in the US.

Walter White Immortalized This Heisenberg Hat

Heisenberg Hat





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Breaking Bad is a TV show based on crime, drama, action and thrill. The TV show has been liked by many due to its hit character `Walter White’ also known as Heisenberg. Walter White is initially shown as a sweet protagonist who is an pro in chemistry and is a chemistry teacher in some high school. But suddenly he gets diagnosed with lung cancer which is incurable. The protagonist fears for the financial security of his family consisting of his beloved pregnant wife and a son with cerebral palsy whose treatment costs are difficult to deal with. Then he gets inspired by an incident and pairs up with Jesse Pinkman to produce and sell an illegal recreational drug named `Meth’. In the whole Breaking Bad series, Walter White wears the trend setting Pork Pie hat to get that fearless drug dealer look. The pork pie hat has gone well with the Walter White’s transformation to Heisenberg. People are going crazy to own this Bollman Collection 1940’s pork pie hat to imitate their favorite character.

Breaking Bad Arrives Again in August 2013
The last installment for the Breaking Bad series is going to be launched in August 2013. All your friends must be busy buying Walter White sunglasses, his goatee and his hat. But finding the exact replica of the hat isn’t easy because everyone is selling just the simple pork pie hat. But here you can buy the exact imitation of the iconic Walter White’s pork pie hat. You can be assured that this is the true replica of the one that Walter White wears in Breaking Bad. The curves, the fabric’s texture, the color of our pork pie hat and the shine on the hat exactly matches the Walter White’s Pork pie hat. You are going to be the instant star attraction of every get together, every party and every outing when you will wear this hat. Why not get this pork pie hat just for few dollars and watch the Breaking Bad episodes over drinks with your friends to enjoy the show fully?

The Pork Pie Hat Look and Feel
The Pork pie hat is an accessory which has strong appeal even if worn without the costume of Walter White. The hat can be worn by people of both sexes and all ages. Girls will love the royal appeal of this hat when teamed with a one piece dress. No other accessories are needed to complete the look when you are using this hat. Just a hint of kohl with high heels and you are ready to rock any party girls. Boys can team this hat with wind breaker jackets which look totally macho. The Pork pie hat looks best with goatee on boys and even if you don’t want one permanently, then there is the option for artificial goatee. The pork pie hats can be customized also. The headband size and the circumference of the hat are available in various measurements to suit kids as well as adults.

The Pork pie hat is made up of dust resistant fabric and it’s a cool statement on a chilly winter evening too. The fabric of the pork pie hat feels extremely soft on touch and has a subtle sheen. The hand is extremely elegant looking with its silk bow attached on the hat. Another special feature of the pork pie hat is that it suits all types of faces and perfectly sits on the crown. This hat can be easily bought online with free shipping. Payment can be done through secure options like PayPal, Credit Card and Visa Card etc.